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4 Baby Care Essentials You Need For Your Newborn Infant

Taking care of your newborn infant can be a challenge for new moms. Since their bodies are fragile and sensitive, you need to ensure that you are using baby-appropriate products that are suitable for their age.


An experience nanny from Dubai provided a list of baby essential that new and expectant moms can use when taking good care of their little bundle of joy:


  1. Feeding essentials


Before you give birth, you need to decide whether you are going to breastfed your newborn child or go for formula feeding. For breastfeeding, you need to get a couple of things to help you out on nursing your infant. Mostly, the breastfeeding essentials is all about the mom – from the nursing bras to the nursing pillow for a comfortable breastfeeding moment. You can also include food that can help increase your milk supply.


For bottle-feeding, you need to decide what brand of formula you should feed your child. You also need to complete the bottle-feeding essentials like the feeding bottle, the sterilizers, and the cleaning brushes.


  1. Nursery essentials


Your baby’s sleeping quarter is definitely one of the things that you need to prepare thoroughly. But do not overstressed yourself over buying too much things that may cram your nursery. Get only the things that you think you will need. The most common things for nursery are the crib, the changing tables. And do not forget your hypoallergenic linens. Putting too much blanket or pillows in the crib might cause life-threatening baby accidents like suffocations.


  1. Bath and grooming essentials


Some new moms think that buying sweet-smelling shampoos and soaps is the best choice for newborn babies. But experts in baby care in Dubai advise new moms to opt for smell-free bath and grooming essentials. Baby shampoos with scent are loaded with chemicals that might react to your baby’s sensitive skin. Be sure to buy other bath essentials life soft towels and a bath set where you can easily bathe your baby.



  1. Clothing and basic care


When it comes to baby clothes, experts strongly recommends buying clothes based on the climate or the weather. If your baby is born during the summer, opt for clothes made of light material like cotton. For winter, go for wools that would keep your baby warm. And buy clothes in sets. Lastly, do not buy clothes that are complicated to put on.